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What is Mommy Moves®?

Mommy Moves TM is a fun, easy-to-follow workout class that you can do with your child! You'll dance, tone and MOVE. Your little one will have fun playing with you while you work up a sweat. 

Who can take this class?

This class is great for EXPECTING MAMAS, parents with babies in BABY CARRIERS, and parents with TODDLERS or OLDER CHILDREN who would like to come MOVE and PLAY!

Are baby carriers necessary for class? If so, which type do I need?

If your child is old enough to walk, you do not need a baby carrier. For younger children, we request that you use a soft structured carrier. We do not recommend using a ring sling or a stretchy wrap.

How old does my child have to be in order for me to participate in a class?

As long as mama has been cleared to exercise again postpartum and baby is healthy- you can participate!

I'm not a, "mommy!" I'm a dad, grandparent, babysitter, pregnant woman, etc. 

Any caregivers or parents-to-be are welcome!

I don't see any classes near me!

Start your own! Click here to become an instructor!

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